I just experienced this firsthand the other day at work. People were asking me about mindfulness (knowing I’m somewhat experienced and in school for teaching it) and I began by discussing why I got into it. I shared some vulnerable truths I hadn’t shared with coworkers before. Before I knew it, a small group of people had gathered at the nurses station to share their similar experiences. It ended by people asking me what mindfulness practices had helped me.

Leaders are much more effective when they are vulnerable, making them more relatable and gives them credibility. Thanks for the great writing!

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Apr 3, 2023Liked by Daniel Greening

Love this- this is very to the point. Something that we all come across daily. This is about building trust- not because ‘You’ want something, but because you want your team/ friend/ family to feel safe and trusted.

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Apr 27, 2023·edited Apr 27, 2023Author

Just thought I would mention that I put a sneak-preview link in here (under "Listen Up") for the corresponding Mindful Agility podcast episode, where Mirela and I talk in detail about our experiences with psychological safety (and toxicity).

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